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Firm Philosophy

We believe our relationships with clients are of utmost importance, and that attentiveness and communication are the keys to a successful working relationship.  We respect confidentiality in the services we provide.  Striving to learn our clients’ businesses—along with their goals, and working with them to achieve those goals—is the basis of our services.  We are more than the “accountants,” we are business advisors.  We provide personal attention to our clients and tailor our services to meet their needs.  At Kindlinger & Company, we find joy in improving lives and helping people become successful.

Consistency in staffing engagements is important to us, not only does it foster good working relationships, but it saves valuable time and resources for our clients.  The more our staff understands a client’s business, the better service we can offer.  In doing so, it is important for us to work closely with the client’s staff so that we can solve problems and address concerns in a timely manner.  

Firm History 

Kindlinger & Company, PC was originally founded in 1973 by Richard M. Jarvis.  At that time, the firm’s specialty was primarily corporate and individual taxation.  Business consulting and tax planning were the cornerstones of the firm’s success.  As the firm grew and gained prestige, larger and more financially complex companies and individuals became clients.  As our clients’ needs grew, the firm added an audit and accounting function to service their needs.

Later, in 1990, Christopher W. Kindlinger joined the firm to further meet client’s needs due to the continued growth of the firm.  He became a partner in 1994.  In 2000, Frank X. Shumsky and Leon M. Quigley merged their individual practices into the firm.  In 2013, after the retirement of all of his partners, Chris Kindlinger renamed the firm Kindlinger & Company, PC to more accurately reflect the current practice.  This coincided with the move to the firm's current location in Logan's West.

Although the firm had been a full service practice in the past, the direction of the firm has gravitated toward working primarily with small businesses and their owners.  The audit and attestation aspects of the firm have been phased out allowing us to focus on providing consulting, tax, accounting and business succession services to our small business clients.  We pride ourselves on not just analyzing the past and keeping our clients compliant, but helping clients understand how to use that information and apply it to the future.  If you are looking for a progressive firm to help move your company forward, give us a call to see how our approach can help you achieve your goals.